5 Best Baseball Gloves for Outfielders

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Most outfield gloves are usually 12.75″ and feature one of the two most popular web designs; the Trap-Eze or the H-web. Of all the baseball glove brands, Wilson and Rawlings continue to be our favorite and recommended brands in terms of professional quality and consistency in performance.

Our picks for the best outfield gloves include four standard outfield gloves and one glove that is a good choice for players who play the outfield but also pitch, and are looking for a glove that will work for both.

  1. Wilson 2023 A2K SC1775 12.75″
  2. Wilson 2023 A2000 1799SS 12.75″
  3. Rawlings | Heart of The Hide | 2023 12.75″
  4. Rawlings | PRO Preferred | 2023 12.75″
  5. Wilson 2021 Jon Lester A2000 JL34

Web patterns for outfielders are going to come down to personal preference. Trap-Eze, H-webs, and variations on those patterns are by far the most popular and seen on just about every high-quality outfield glove. There are not any significant pros or cons to either web pattern, so players should just choose what they prefer in terms of aesthetics and feel.

Since almost all outfield gloves come in a 12.75″ size, there isn’t much of a decision to make on size. However, there are a handful of baseball glove manufacturers that produce a size 13″ outfield glove. While the extra length might interest outfielders, the downside is going to be the additional weight. Additionally, for outfielders that also pitch, a slightly smaller size such as a 12.5″ glove could work well for both positions. Number 5 on our list is a good option to fit this need.

1. Wilson 2023 A2K SC1775 12.75″

Best For: Players looking for a traditional web pattern on a glove with top-of-the-line leather quality.

Worst For: A player that is looking for a game-ready glove out of the box.

Summary: Wilson’s A2K line is professional-grade quality. The price point reflects this, but customers can expect a highly durable and well-crafted glove.

Current Price: Check here

2. Wilson 2022 A2000 1799SS 12.75″

Best For: Players that preferred Wilson gloves with a faster break-in period and still want a professional-grade glove.

Worst For: Players that prefer a stiff and thick feel to the leather on their gloves.

Summary: A more affordable option to the A2K, but still a professional grade model with a shorter break-in period.

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3. Rawlings | Heart of The Hide | 2023 12.75″

Best For: Players that like an easy-to-break-in glove that utilizes the latest technology for a lighter-weight, yet durable glove.

Worst For: Players that prefer traditional leather only on their gloves.

Summary: Rawlings’ Hypershell technology reduces the weight of the leather but still remains durable and a great option for all outfielders.

Current Price: Check here

4. Rawlings | PRO Preferred | 2023

Best For: Players that like a thick and durable feel to the leather and prefer the iconic Trap-Eze pattern from Rawlings.

Worst For: Players looking for a glove with a quick break-in period.

Summary: Pro Preferred leather is professional quality and provides a customized break-in process.

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5. Wilson 2021 Jon Lester A2000 JL34

Best For: Outfielders that pitch and are looking for a glove to handle both.

Worst For: Players who prefer a standard outfield glove size and web pattern.

Summary: Slightly smaller than typical outfield gloves at 12.5″, the JL34 is designed as a pitcher’s glove but is serviceable in the outfield as well.

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