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Baseball coaches have different styles, personalities, and experiences. We don’t believe that there is a coach out there, including us, that has the perfect coaching method and advice for every single player. Not every coach’s style will mesh with every player and it’s okay for players to work with multiple quality coaches.

We encourage players to approach this with the intent of learning as much as they can from each coach they come across in their career. Different coaches have different experiences as players and different perspectives on the game as a whole. Most coaches teach a core group of fundamentals but will have different methods of helping players get there. This is where it can be beneficial for players to take in as much knowledge as possible because they might learn a new way to approach a part of the game and something might click for them.

The key to this is finding high-quality coaches. To reiterate, good coaches are teaching the same fundamental principles of the game, but are ultimately trying to help players progress to that same level of sound mechanics and approach to the game. In this article, we are going to overview some of the best coaches on YouTube who we believe are teaching and sharing great information that every player can learn something from:

This list of baseball coaches on YouTube is in no particular order, and we’re confident players will find something of value from each of these channels.

Antonelli Baseball (Matt Antonelli)


Antonelli was a 1st round draft pick out of Wake Forest University. He had an 8-year minor league career with a short stint in the MLB playing for the San Diego Padres. Antonelli founded Antonelli Baseball and is the face of the organization which has a YouTube channel, online resources, lessons, and youth travel ball teams.

Content Overview

Antonelli Baseball covers hitting, fielding, and pitching instruction but also has a lot of content geared toward the mental side of the game and college recruiting. The channel is focused more on high school and college level players, but the instructional content is applicable to players at all levels. Antonelli has built a large audience, and rightfully so, as the channel’s content is deep and he has been uploading videos consistently for the last 10 years.

Coach Lou Colon (Lou Colon)


Lou Colon is a former professional baseball player in the Baltimore Orioles organization and is currently the infield and assistant hitting coach at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Colon specializes in infield instruction and works with the USA Baseball National Team.

Content Overview

The Coach Lou Colon channel is primarily focused on infield drills. Colon runs infield clinics and a lot of the uploads are clips and instructions from those camps. Most of the videos are infield drills where Colon is working with youth players, but the drills and information are great for all levels.

What we like most about the channel is there are no gimmicks, sales pitches, or fluff. The videos are straight to the point and high-quality information that players can begin learning from immediately. There is not as much content as some of the larger channels but we hope to continue to see more from Colon in the future.

Pro Baseball Insider (Doug Bernier)


Doug Bernier is a former professional middle infield who played for the Colorado Rockies and Minnesota Twins. Bernier runs a popular baseball blog under the same name as the YouTube channel.

Content Overview

The content on Pro Baseball Insider’s channel covers a variety of topics. Some videos are technical drills, while others are meant to help other coaches as Bernier covers practice plans and other tips for fellow coaches. Bernier has a lot of other current and former professional players on the channel that provide position-specific instruction, which is cool to watch. The content is not very focused on a sub-niche of baseball, but there is definitely something for all players and coaches here.

San Fransico Giants (Kai Correa)


The San Fransico Giants’ official YouTube channel has a series called How to Train Like a Big Leaguer which provides a detailed look into the practices and workouts within their organization. A few videos within the series highlight Giant’s bench coach Kai Correa. Correa is a former collegiate player and coach who has been with the Giants since 2020.

Content Overview

The content in this series covers all positions, but we specifically really like Correa and his coaching philosophy with the infielders. His instruction is clear, concise, and applicable to all players from MLB infielders to youth players. The content in this series is especially valuable because viewers are able to see professional players working on the detailed fundamentals of the game. We often see big leaguers make highlight plays look effortless, but all of the hard work they put in behind the scenes usually goes unseen. We hope to see more of Correa in the future and wouldn’t be surprised to see him managing a big-league club one day.

YoGoProBaseball (John Madden)


John Madden was an 8th-round draft pick out of Auburn University. He spent 6 years in the minor leagues making it all the way to AAA within the San Diego Padres organization. Madden also runs a website with blog posts, gear guides, and training courses.

Content Overview

Being that Madden was a former professional pitcher, a lot of the strongest content on the channel is centered around pitching. However, Madden does bring in several guests to help cover other topics within the game. YouGoProBaseball is a massive channel with hundreds of videos. The channel is very active and there are still multiple uploads weekly. Madden offers several courses within his program, which we do not have experience with, but the free content on the channel is valuable and certainly can help players at any level.

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Former independent professional player and DII All-American. 10+ years of coaching experience at the high school level. Passionate about the mental aspects of the game and diving deep into the technical side of swing mechanics.

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