Brand Battle: EvoShield vs. G-Form

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Look around any MLB game and you’ll see hitters covered in protective gear. Elbow guards, hand guards, and shin guards have gained extreme popularity in the sport over the last decade and two companies continue to innovate and produce the best protective gear in the game; EvoShield and G-Form.

EvoShield and G-From take different approaches to manufacturing their gear, prioritizing different features and fit, while also coming in different price points. Between these two companies, players can certainly find a piece of gear that works for them.

Choosing the best brand and gear for a player is going to come down to personal preference, but in this article, we will address the following topics to help with that decision:

  • Fit
  • Price
  • Technology
  • Product Options
  • Mobility
  • Customization

Fit (Winner: EvoShield)


EvoShield guards come in a sealed package as flat and bendable. The molding process can be seen in detail in these videos. It starts by opening the package and molding the product to the area it is designed for. After wrapping it, and keeping it on for around 30 minutes, the guard will be fully hardened and no longer flexible. The idea is this gives the user a very customized fit, as the guard is going to shape according to their individual arm or leg. Once the guard is formed, there is no reversing the process, so it is important to thoroughly read and understand the directions before opening the package.


G-Form takes a different approach in that the guards are flexible and do not permanently retain their shape. The padding stays soft and moveable, with the intention that it will increase mobility and decrease weight. As opposed to EvoShield, the is no modeling process with G-Form guards and while the guards do come in different sizes, they will essentially take the shape of the user right out of the package.

Price (Winner: G-Form)

As discussed in our article about baseball protective gear, this gear can keep a player on the field by avoiding injury, and while baseball can be an expensive sport to participate in, choosing to wear additional protective gear can be the difference between a successful season and a season-ending injury.

The chart below compares the prices of popular products from both brands at the time of writing. For up-to-date pricing on the latest products, please check the following; EvoShield: current prices and G-Form: current prices.

2-Piece Elbow Guard$109.95$59.99
1-Piece Elbow Guard$69.95$49.99
Hand Guard$59.95$29.99
Leg Guard$99.95$74.99

Technology (Winner: Tie)


The latest iterations of EvoShield guards utilize the Gel-to-Shell Technology material. This material is what allows for the customized molding process discussed earlier. Upon contact, this material distributes the force evening across the surface area of the guard, minimizing the impact for the wearer. New models of guards include updates to the straps and stitching maximizing adjustability and durability. Read more about EvoShield’s technology on the brand’s website here.


G-Form’s technology, called SmartFlex, is a material that stays soft and flexible but hardens on impact. How it works is at rest, the foam molecules repel one another, which maintains the flexibility in the guard. Upon impact, the molecules bind together to absorb energy, afterward returning to their original soft and flexible state. More about G-Form’s technology can be found on the brand’s website here.

Mobility (Winner: G-Form)

There’s no denying both EvoShield and G-Form products are high quality and effective. Both are going to provide great protection for players and keep them on the field. Both brands take a different approach to the fit and feel of their gear, and ultimately, it will come down to a player’s personal preference for which they prefer.


EvoShield gear is rigid and does not flex in any way. However, the gear is ergonomically shaped and produced in a way to not restrict mobility. For gear that covers both sides of a joint such as an elbow guard or leg guard, the guard is made of two hard pieces connected by a flexible material that acts similarly to a joint. Some players regardless will not like the feel of wearing a hard piece of gear.


G-Form may be a better option for players that don’t like the rigid feel of a hard piece of gear on the field. G-Form’s gear is flexible and provides a more sleeve-like feel. Unlike EvoShield, there is no molding process so the risk of having a permanent ill-fitting piece of gear is less likely. G-From may also be a better option for younger players that are growing quickly as they will be able to wear their G-Form guard for longer given the flexibility.

Product Options (Winner: EvoShield)


Within the game of baseball, EvoShield has expanded its product line into all aspects of the game. With batting helmets, catching gear, bags, and apparel, their catalog covers not only elective pieces of equipment but almost everything a baseball player will need on the field. The brand also manufactures other sport-specific protective equipment for softball, football, and lacrosse. For most products, EvoShield offers many color options and frequently releases limited editions of certain pieces of gear.


G-Form’s baseball product line is slightly more limited than EvoShield’s. They have yet to expand into catcher’s gear or batting helmets, but the SmartFlex technology could work perfectly for a catcher’s chest protector, so that would be something to look out for in the future. G-Form also manufactures gear for other sports, but with a different focus than Evoshield. Protective gear for mountain biking is one of their most popular product lines, and they also have soccer, basketball, and volleyball gear.

Customization (Winner: G-Form)

EvoShield takes the cake when it comes to customization. They provide many options to customize a lot of their products. The customization process is very detailed and customers can choose almost every component of the gear such as stitching, logo, binding, and strap color. The customization process takes approximately 6-8 weeks and is only a slight added cost in comparison to the stock products. EvoShield’s website has an easy-to-use tool for customization that is fun to play around with, check it out here.

G-Form does have a customization option available for their elbow guards, but it is pretty limited in comparison and only available for that product.