6 Tips to Quickly Improve Your 60 Yard Dash

This post contains affiliate links Minor changes can make a major impact on a player’s 60-yard dash time. Almost every position player will run one during their recruiting process, and for some, a good 60-yard dash time can be their ticket to the next level. Here are 6 tips that can help players shave off … Read more

Hitting Slumps: How To Break Out Of One

Slumps are inevitable and every hitter will go through many throughout their career. While they can’t usually be avoided, players can learn how to reduce the frequency and duration of their slumps. There are usually only a few factors that can lead to a slump, and identifying them early can help hitters work out of … Read more

Best Baseball Coaches on YouTube

Baseball coaches have different styles, personalities, and experiences. We don’t believe that there is a coach out there, including us, that has the perfect coaching method and advice for every single player. Not every coach’s style will mesh with every player and it’s okay for players to work with multiple quality coaches. We encourage players … Read more

Developing a Two-Strike Hitting Approach

Every successful hitter has a two-strike approach. With two strikes, a hitting approach can be as simple as a minor physical adjustment or a complex mental strategy. There is no perfect formula that will work for every player and developing a good two-strike hitting approach takes time and effort. Developing a two-strike hitting approach takes … Read more

A Coach’s Guide: Developing A Player’s Hitting Approach

An approach at the plate in simple terms, is having a plan. A hitter should always have a plan, or approach, going into an at-bat. The approach can be situation-specific, pitcher-specific, and even count-specific. Approaches are highly individualized, and there is no formula that works for every player. Developing an approach should factor in the … Read more

Outfield Arm Strength: What Is Good Velo At Every Level?

Arm strength for outfielders is very important, and the further players advance in their career, a strong arm will be necessary to compete as an everyday outfielder. While raw arm strength is only one factor considered when evaluating outfielders, it is an important tool to develop. Professional and high-level college players typically are able to … Read more

Hitting With Sunglasses: Does It Actually Help?

This post contains affiliate links Players wear sunglasses in the field all the time, but it is less common to see batters wearing sunglasses at the plate. Hitters don’t often wear them at the plate because they aren’t used to them or aren’t confident they can see the ball well enough. Should this mean they … Read more