at the plateA phrase used to describe the time when a batter is facing a pitcher during a game.
hitting approachA methodology hitters take into their at-bats to increase their chance of success.
off-speedUsed to reference the types of pitches that a pitcher may throw other than a fastball (e.g. curveball, slider, changeup, knuckleball).
prospectA baseball player that has the potential to perform at a higher level of competition such as in college or professionally.
prospect campEvents organized by colleges and universities for high school players to attend and showcase their baseball skills.
scoutsIndividuals who represent a college or professional team that evaluate players based on their skill and ability to perform at the applicable level of competition.
showcaseEvents where baseball players perform drills, test, and play live games, in front of scouts.
situational hittingAn in-game situation where the batter is likely trying to produce a specific result.
spin rateRepresents the rate of spin on a baseball after it is released by the pitcher.
veloShort for “velocity”. Measures how fast a baseball is traveling through the air usually dictated in miles per hour recorded by a radar gun.
W.A.R.Abbreviation for “Wins Above Replacement,” WAR measures a player’s value in all factors of the game by determining how many more wins he’s worth than a replacement-level player at the same position