Program Spotlight: Elmira College

Head Coach Anthony Goncalves of Elmira College shared a look into his recruiting process and some valuable advice for players who want to play college baseball. The Soaring Eagles, a relatively new program, are an NCAA Division III school that competes in the Empire 8 Athletic Conference.

“Starts and ends with academics. Find a place that fits your academic interest.”

– Coach Goncalves, Elmira College
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Quick Facts

School:Elmira College
Division:NCAA Division III
Conference:Empire 8 Athletic Conference
Location:Elmira, NY
Student Population:750
Questionnaire:Recruit Form

Recruiting Q&A – with Head Coach Anthony Goncalves

What are your typical scouting methods?

Showcases, camps, video & summer tournaments.

How do you recommend players contact you if they are interested in your program?

Email or twitter.

If a player contacts you, what are you most interested in?

Grades and video.

Any general advice for players that want to play college baseball?

Starts and ends with academics. Find a place that fits your academic interest.

Any other comments about your program that you’d like to share?

Fairly new program. We improved in my first year from 6 wins to 13 and winning the programs first playoff game. Elmira College plays in a competitive Empire 8 conference.

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Program Overview – Soaring Eagles Baseball

The Elmira College baseball program has been around since 2015 and was recently taken over by Head Coach Anthony Goncalves. In his first year at the helm in 2022, Coach Goncalves doubled the Soaring Eagles’ win total and led the program to its first postseason win and a 4th place finish in the conference.

Coach Goncalves has had success in all of his stops throughout his coaching career and is already making a positive impact on the Soaring Eagles.

Beginning in the 2023 season, Elmira College will complete the transition to Holding Point Recreation Complex as their home field.

Elmira College competes in the Empire 8 Athletic Conference, a competitive conference with teams across New York.

School Overview – Elmira College

Elmira College is a private liberal arts institution located in Elmira, New York. Founded in 1855, the college has a long and proud history of providing students with a comprehensive education and preparing them for successful careers. Elmira College has a student population of around 1,100, with a student-to-faculty ratio of 11:1. The college offers over 30 majors in areas such as business, education, natural sciences, and the humanities.

The college places a strong emphasis on student success, providing a range of support services including academic advising, tutoring, and career counseling. Elmira College also offers students numerous opportunities for hands-on learning, such as internships, research projects, and service learning experiences. These opportunities allow students to develop critical skills and gain real-world experience, helping them to better prepare for their careers.

In addition to its rigorous academic programs, Elmira College boasts a vibrant campus life. Students can get involved in a wide range of clubs and organizations, including athletic teams, music ensembles, and volunteer groups. The college also hosts a variety of events and activities, such as guest lectures, concerts, and community service projects.

Elmira College is a leader in sustainability, taking numerous steps to reduce its impact on the environment. The college has installed over 2,000 solar panels, created several green roofs, and developed a comprehensive campus-wide recycling program. Elmira College also boasts a beautiful outdoor learning center, which includes a nature preserve, hiking trails, and outdoor classrooms. This center provides students with the opportunity to learn and explore in a unique and inspiring environment.

The college has a strong commitment to student success, with a 95% job placement rate for graduates within 6 months of graduation. Elmira College also has a strong alumni network, with over 20,000 alumni worldwide. The college’s location in Elmira, New York, provides students with access to a variety of cultural and recreational opportunities, including parks, museums, and cultural events.

In conclusion, Elmira College is an excellent choice for students looking to pursue a liberal arts education. With its strong academic programs, commitment to student success, and vibrant campus life, Elmira College provides students with the tools and experiences they need to succeed in their careers and in life.

Closing Remarks

We would like to thank Coach Goncalves for taking the time to answer the Recruiting Q&A. The emphasis on the importance of academics is advice every aspiring college athlete should take to heart. Regardless of level, every college coach wants to recruit players that are strong academically. It not only shows they the have discipline to manage school work and athletics, but they can also trust them to continue to succeed in college. If a player can’t stay academically eligible in college, they will ultimately hurt the team and the coach. While academics may not seem like the most important metric in recruiting, it arguably is and can open a lot of doors for players.

Also, academics should remain a top priority for student-athletes because of its impact on their post-graduate careers. Most college athletes will not have a career in athletics, and shouldn’t sacrifice academics in their college experience given the important role it will play in their future. This is also one of the many reasons college coaches place a strong emphasis on academics. They are helping develop players for future success, and not just for success on the field. Setting players up for success beyond baseball is very important to them and one of the most impactful measures of success of their program.

We’re excited to see Coach Goncalves continue to build the Elmira College baseball program. Players interested in Elmira College and the baseball program are encouraged to follow Coach Goncalves’ advice and visit the above links to learn more. We’d encourage players give a strong consideration to Elmira College as it’s a unique opportunity to be apart of an up and coming program and set a winning foundation for future Soaring Eagles. Again, we’d like to thank Coach Goncalves and wish the Soaring Eagles the best of luck in their upcoming season!