Program Spotlight: Hamline University

Head Coach Jim Weyandt of Hamline University shared a look into his recruiting process and some advice for players preparing to contact college coaches. The Pipers are an NCAA Division III school that competes in the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

“Have an updated video, not just a game video.”

– Coach Weyandt, Hamline University
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Quick Facts

School:Hamline University
Division:NCAA Division III
Conference:Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
Location:Saint Paul, MN
Student Population:2,000
Questionnaire:Recruit Form

Recruiting Q&A – with Head Coach Jim Weyandt

What are your typical scouting methods?


How do you recommend players contact you if they are interested in your program?

Email or text

If a player contacts you, what are you most interested in?


Any general advice for players that want to play college baseball?

Have an updated video, and not just a game video.

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Program Overview – Pipers Baseball

Head Coach Jim Weyandt has led the Pipers baseball program for over 11 seasons, and spent over 20 years with the program in total. Coach Weyandt’s tenure is highlighted by the 2016 season that saw a 28-15 overall record that lead to Coach Weyandt being named the MIAC Coach of the Year.

The Pipers play at CHS Field which is home to Hamline Piper Baseball and the Saint Paul Saints, and Independent Professional Baseball Club. CHS is located in the heart of downtown Saint Paul, about 5 miles away from campus. CHS Field has a very cool setting with views of the Saint Paul skyline. With seating for over 7,000, indoor batting cages, a weight room, and training facilities, the stadium is one of the premier fields in all of DIII baseball.

The Hamline Piper Clubhouse is also one of CHS Fields’ most notable features, which includes a lounge area for the players, and a dedicated coaches’ locker room.

School Overview – Hamline University

Hamline University has proudly ranked as the #1 regional university in Minnesota. With approximately 2,000 undergraduate and 1,000 graduate students, Hamline University offers small class sizes and a student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1.

Founded in 1854, the University offers well over 100 academic programs of study and also sees 100% of students participating in internships or other types of field-based projects with faculty members.

Hamline University is located between the downtowns of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, which provides students with a lot of exciting opportunities and activities to take part in. The Twin Cities are rich in culture, arts, and outdoor activities making it easy for students to explore their interests. The proximity to the downtown is also why drives Hamline’s extensive internship programs and opportunities allowing students to make connections that can serve them well as they start their post-graduate careers.

Hamline University provides students with endless options for organizations and clubs for students to become involved with fellow students who share similar interests. Universities that compete at the NCAA Division III level often emphasize the academic experience for their student-athletes, and Hamline University is no different. Student-athletes are encouraged to spend time and energy exploring academic interests while a member of an athletic team.

For student-athletes, the professional sports scene between Saint Paul and Minneapolis is also exciting as there are several major and minor professional sports teams in both cities.

Students that are interested in learning more about the academic programs, admission requirements, and student life at Hamline University are invited to visit for more information. Hamline University also has a YouTube channel where they share tours of the campus, student profiles, and other interesting stories about campus life.

Closing Remarks

We would like to thank Coach Weyandt for taking the time to answer the Recruiting Q&A, as the insight is greatly appreciated. Coach Weyandt brings up a great point that players should have an updated video. A video is one of the most useful tools players can use during the reporting process.

As Coach Weyandt referenced, the video should not be only be game footage, but rather a “prospect” or “skills” video. For position players, this should include a 60-yard dash, a few batting practice swings, and a few groundballs or flyballs depending on positions. Pitchers can record a video of a bullpen showcasing all of their pitches. The purpose of this video is to provide college coaches an opportunity to initially evaluate players before committing the time and resources to see them in person. This is especially important for players that are not located in the same area as a school they are interest in.

While college coaches usually don’t offer players a roster spot just off of a video, its a great starting point for players. When players are initially contacting the coaches of schools they are interested, a video is great to include. Coaches can quickly decide if they want to give the players further consideration or can sometimes tell if a player is not a fit for their program.

For high school athletes, a lot can change quickly when it comes to physical size and skill level so frequently updating prospect videos is a good habit to be in as Coach Weyandt mentioned. Videos do not need to be professionally done with graphics, music, etc. A simple video that quickly showcases a player’s skills is perfect and actually preferred by coaches. Videos can be made with a phone and a teammate, parent, or coach, and are a low-cost way to be see my virtually any college coach in the country. Players that are serious about the recruiting process should take the initiative to have a video ready, as it will be one of the best tools they can use.

Players interested in Hamline University and the baseball program are encouraged to follow Coach Weyandt’s advice and visit the above links to learn more. Again, we’d like to thank Coach Weyandt for sharing his insight and advice with players and we wish the Pipers the best of luck in their upcoming season!

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Former independent professional player and DII All-American. 10+ years of coaching experience at the high school level. Passionate about the mental aspects of the game and diving deep into the technical side of swing mechanics.

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