Program Spotlight: Wilkes University

Head Coach Kevin Gryboski of Wilkes University shared a look into his recruiting process and offered some valuable advice for players with the desire to play college baseball. The Colonels are an NCAA Division III school that competes in the Middle Atlantic Conference.

“Work hard, don’t walk on or off the field, be respectful.”

– Coach Gryboski, Wilkes University
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Quick Facts

School:Wilkes University
Division:NCAA Division III
Conference:Middle Atlantic Conference
Location:Wilkes-Barre, PA
Student Population:4,000
Questionnaire:Recruit Form

Recruiting Q&A – with Head Coach Kevin Gryboski

What are your typical scouting methods?

Showcases, summer ball.

How do you recommend players contact you if they are interested in your program?

Email with video is a good start.

If a player contacts you, what are you most interested in?

Game video.

Any general advice for players that want to play college baseball?

Work hard, don’t walk on or off the field, be respectful.

Any other comments about your program that you’d like to share?

2 former big leaguers on staff along with a pro scout. We can get you to the next level if you want it. $8 million dollar all turf facility. 2 indoor facilities as well.

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Program Overview – Colonels Baseball

The Wilkes University baseball program is led by a coaching staff with some of the most impressive resumes in all of college baseball. Head Coach Kevin Gryboski is a former major league player with extensive coaching experience across high school, college, and professional baseball. Coach Gryboski was selected twice in the MLB draft and signing with the Mariners, went on to have a impressive MLB career with stints with the Rangers, Nationals, and Braves. Coach Gryboski is also an alum of Wilkes University where he played collegiately.

Also on staff is Assistant Coach Mark Modrovsky, an Associate Scout for the Kanas City Royals, and Assistant Coach Matt Wotherspoon, another former major leaguer and University of Pittsburgh alum.

Most recently, the Colonels are coming off their strongest year in the last decade, posting a 24-win season.

The Colones call home to Bruggeworth Field at Ralston Athletic Complex on campus. In 2019, the complex underwent an $8 million renovation to its multi-purpose athletic field. Bruggeworth Field features a turf baseball field, a press box, lights, turf batting cages, and bullpen.

Wilkes University also has a really nice strength and fitness center with constantly updated equipment and machines for players to train.

School Overview – Wilkes University

Located in Wilkes-Barre, PA, Wilkes University is in NE Pennsylvania, just over 100 miles from both New York City, and Philadelphia.

Wilkes University offers 45 majors and sees graduates go on to achieve an impressive 98% job placement rate. With a student-faculty ratio of 12:1, students are able to make close connections with their professors, allowing them to thrive in the classroom.

The Wilkes-Barre, PA area has a population of around 40,000 and is known for its close ties to the higher education institutions in the area. Several universities and colleges are engrained in the city’s culture, business, and expansion, and the city is committed to creating a positive experience for college students in return. The area of Wilkes-Barre has a thriving downtown but is also surrounded by parks and recreation areas, so students that have an interest in the outdoors won’t be disappointed at Wilkes.

The proximity to New York City and Philadelphia creates several opportunities for students interested in finding internships or even a future career in a big city. Wilkes University provides students with a small college feel without sacrificing the opportunities of a large metropolitan area.

Students that are interested in learning more about the academic programs, admission requirements, and student life at Wilkes University are invited to visit for more information.

Closing Remarks

We would like to thank Coach Gryboski for taking the time to answer the Recruiting Q&A. There are a few points that Coach Gryboski made that we would like to emphasize and expand on. The first is his advice to players that want to play college baseball; work hard, don’t walk on or off the field, and be respectful. These comments deserve emphasis because of all the advice Coach Gryboski could have given, these ones have nothing to do with skills. Everything he listed is controllable, and something every single player can do. While simple, it’s these little things that begin to separate players in the recruiting process and at every point in their career after.

Exhibiting a solid work ethic, hustling on and off the field, and treating everyone with respect is something all college coaches will be looking for in the recruiting process. Often times when college coaches are recruiting a player, they have already made up their mind that the player’s skill set is a fit for their program, but they want to go watch a player in a practice or a game to learn more about how the player behaves. They may even ask other coaches or teammates to get a better understanding of a player. This stresses the important of always exhibiting these qualities because you never know who’s watching.

Coach Gryboski brought up another interesting point in that the Wilkes University baseball program and coaching staff can help players get to the next level. Many players only seek Division I opportunities because they feel that is their only chance to get to the next level. Coach Gryboski, as a Wilkes Alum, and former MLB player, is walking proof that players advance to the next level from a Division III school. As so many coaches have pointed out in various Program Spotlights, it all comes down to finding the right fit. Finding the right fit means finding a school with a great coaching staff that can challenge players on and off the field. It also means finding the right fit academically and socially. While playing in the MLB may not be the goal for every student-athlete, it’s important to figure out what those goals are, and find a school and program that are align with those goals.

Players interested in Wilkes University and the baseball program are encouraged to follow Coach Gryboski’s advice and visit the above links to learn more. Again, we’d like to thank Coach Gryboski and wish the Colonels the best of luck in their upcoming season!