5 Best Baseball Gloves for Outfielders

This post contains affiliate links Most outfield gloves are usually 12.75″ and feature one of the two most popular web designs; the Trap-Eze or the H-web. Of all the baseball glove brands, Wilson and Rawlings continue to be our favorite and recommended brands in terms of professional quality and consistency in performance. Our picks for … Read more

Top 6 Batting Glove Brands

This post contains affiliate links Batting gloves are just as much a statement piece as they are a necessary piece of equipment for baseball players these days. Customization, team colors, and overall flashiness allows players to add a personal flare to their uniform and we’re all for it. It supports the “make baseball fun again” … Read more

Brand Battle: EvoShield vs. G-Form

This post contains affiliate links Look around any MLB game and you’ll see hitters covered in protective gear. Elbow guards, hand guards, and shin guards have gained extreme popularity in the sport over the last decade and two companies continue to innovate and produce the best protective gear in the game; EvoShield and G-Form. EvoShield … Read more

10 Best Baseball Gloves for Shortstops

This post contains affiliate links Baseball gloves are extremely subjective. Everyone has individual preferences when it comes to size, brand, model, color, etc. The most important aspects of a glove come down to comfort and performance. A shortstop should feel confident in their glove and feel as if it is an extension of their hand. … Read more

Wood Baseball Bats: Comparing Types Of Wood

This post contains affiliate links There isn’t a better feeling in baseball than squaring up a fastball with a wood bat. The sound is synonymous with the game and represents the tradition of the sport. Wooden bats have evolved with the game of baseball and now players have many options when it comes to choosing … Read more

Baseball Protective Gear: Stay Healthy And Injury Free

This post contains affiliate links Over the last decade, the popularity of protective gear in baseball has grown exponentially. We at Red Seam Planet are big fans of all the companies producing high-quality protective gear and keeping players where they belong… on the field. It used to be rare to see a hitter wearing an … Read more

Baseball Bat Drop: What Does It Mean?

“Bat drop” is a common phrase or expression used while talking about the size of a baseball or softball bat. It is a quick way to reference a bat’s weight relative to its length. Bat drop is measured by subtracting bat weight in ounces from the bat length in inches. Bat Drop = Length (in) … Read more